Celebrate Women's History Month with us!

with Fun, Interactive Programming

There are lots of ways to get your team together for Women's History Month!

Bring your teams together on Zoom for a 1-hour session to connect and learn and have fun!

Clear the Board

Host a Gameshow-style Event

Spend an hour getting to know your colleagues better during this gameshow-style event! Our emcees will guide you through 3 rounds of play, with each round consisting of a learning stage, a gameshow-style stage and a small group discussion, based on the women who inspired us from 80's, 90's and 2000's TV!

Women's History

Host an Interactive Event

HELM Life Interactive Events are collaborative learning games, played in teams of 6-8, on Zoom with the support of a host. Watch the movie Hidden Figures and then join us to learn more about the amazing women computers at NASA and the changing landscape as many women joined Corporate America!

Host a Speaker

If you're looking for an amazing speaker - look no further! HELM Life works with an amazing group of speakers - historians, entrepreneurs, academics, women with interesting personal journeys, to help your teams reflect and learn from their experiences. On hour talks host up to 300 participants are always engaging events!

Run a MicroLearning Word Search Challenge to Celebrate Women's History Month !

Sometimes you'd like to run something a little more low-key - where people can play and learn on their own - that's what MicroLearning Challenges are for!

Investing In Women

Investing in Women

Sometimes you just need to take matters into their own hands - meet the women raising capital and investing in women's companies, betting on women as the ones building the future.

Representation Matters

Representation Matters

The world has changed a lot in the last half-century - but there's still a long way to go, Learn about the women who are taking steps to make sure that women are represented in spaces where they have traditionally not had a voice.

MicroLearning Series

3-Week Change Series

Run one series a week for 3 weeks to make this MicroLearning Challenge a month-long celebration. The 3-part series includes the third game - Women Who Care.

Coloring Contest

Coloring Contest!

A little bit of learning and a lot of fun! Share a link with your teams to launch this fun activity as they answer true/false questions about the women leading the charge for change, while they color their original designs!

MicroLearning Series

3-Week Stories Series

Similar in structure to the making change series, this series covers women telling stories through art, women telling stories for change and women envisioning the future.

What's a Gameshow-style Event like?

They're fun! A little bit of learning and a whole lot of fun! Each game has 3-4 Rounds of Play and in each round you'll learn, you'll play and you'll chat! A HELM Life Emcee will be there to host your teams throughout!

What's a MicroLearning?

MicroLearnings bridge what participants already know, with a little bit more info.

Fill-in-the-blanks style word search learning adds to what participants already know, with a little bit more DEI learning. It's quick, easy, interesing and fun.

Try One

Here's why teams choose HELM Life programming:

We work with Amazing Hosts!
Although HELM Life can host up to 200 participants per event - all of the fun learning is done in breakout rooms of 6-8. Each group is hosted by one of our talented facilitators, to support teams in their learning and to make sure that everyone has a great time!
Easy to Organize
All HELM Life Learning Events fit within a 1-hour calendar block. They're led by our event emcees and are easy to plan, well-researched and fun to do - organizers simply need to get teams to their link, and we'll take over from there! We'll also set you up with: share images, a blurb to share, a calendar invite and a registration page to share with your teams!
Donation Included
All HELM Life Learning Events include a donation to an organization working to address the systemic inequalities we'll be learning about and working towards change supporting the community.


We're proud to have partnered with experts in the diversity, equity and inclusion space - leaders with over 20 years experience in bringing about the change that we need to see in the world.
Tana Turner, B.A. (Psych), B.A. (Soc), M.A. (Soc)
Turner Consulting Group

As Principal of the Turner Consulting Group Inc., Tana has been working towards change in the DEI space for over 30 years, having worked on the first major analysis of the diversity of the City of Toronto in the 1990's. She has worked with school boards, municipalities, police services and has also developed and delivered human rights and unconscious bias training. She is currently an Adjunct Professor at York University.
Sacha Thompson, CEO & Founder
The Equity Equation

Sacha Thompson has been a DEI leader for over 20 years, working in both non-profit and in tech. A former Amazonian in the diversity and inclusion space, Sacha helps executives and leaders have that important dialogue, that begins the work towards long-term changes to institutional cultures.

Things people often ask: