Celebrate Ramadan
& Eid al-Fitr with us!

A great interactive way to connect with colleagues. Fun for those who celebrate, as well as those who don't.

HELM Life would love to help your teams celebrate Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

Don't celebrate? There's lots to learn about!

Ramadan is observed by over 3.5 million Muslims in North America, and over 1 billion people worldwide. Join us to learn about the month of fasting and prayer, followed by the celebration Eid al-Fitr with family, friends, gifts and feasts!
Ramadan and Eid Demo Screens

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It’s nearing the end of Ramadan and you’re rushing home to break your fast with your family and join them for the moon sighting, favorite foods and to exchange gifts ... but when something unexpected happens, it’s a race against the clock to make it home in time!

Collaborate with your team to solve the puzzles, learn interesting facts, and celebrate Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr virtually!

Ramadan and Eid Demo Screens

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MicroLearnings combine learning, fun and a little friendly competition!
    Part 1 - Play the word search to do some learning.
    Part 2 - Test what you just learned with a quiz!

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Here's why teams choose HELM Life Programming:

Hosted Events
HELM Life can host up to 200 participantsper event, divided into groups of 6-8. Each group is hosted by one of our trained facilitators, to support teams in their learning and to make sure that things run smoothly.
Easy to Organize
HELM Life Learning Events take 45-60 minutes to complete and fit within a 1-hour calendar block. They're led by our event emcees and are easy to plan, well-researched and fun to do - organizers simply need to get teams to their link, and we'll take over from there!
Donation Included
All HELM Life Learning Events include a donation to an organization working to address the systemic inequalities we'll be learning about.