Fun & Interactive Hosted Social Experiences for Teams.

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Fun, Interactive Social Experiences for Teams

We do the hard work of designing and hosting events.

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Virtual Escape Room

Game Show
  • Teams of 6-8
  • A host for each team!
We’ve done virtual events before and this EASILY takes the cake. It was SUPER fun.
I want more!!!!!! I will spread the word about how awesome HELM is!!

-- Jessica

Operation: Off the Grid

Virtual Escape Room

Operation: Off the Grid pits you against the clock to get set up before your limited rations and survival know-how run out.

Top 10 Answers

Game Show

Survey Says?! Bring along your group to play our spin on the classic game show. Guess the top survey answers in each category and lead your team to victory!

Breather at the Beach

Virtual Escape Room

Breather at the Beach is a trip like no other! Can you solve the clues and puzzles to make it to your beach destination in time?

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What are events like? Here's our Celebrity Stylist escape room:

Here's how our customers engage with our programming:

HELM Life helps new hires meet people, build relationships and learn about Corporate Culture in an interactive and low-risk way.
Celebrations are important - particularly for geographically and culturally separate offices. Whether they're big milestones, end of quarters, baby showers or holidays.
There is lots of team learning to be done. In partnership with experts, HELM Life brings Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning in a fun and reflective way.


That was the best team building experiences that we as an office have had since COVID started.

Dominic A.

Hambly & Wooley

The event was great! Best team building and learning activity that we've done since Covid hit. I've heard excellent feedback from attendees. We look forward to the next learning event.

Anu R.