Celebrate Black Excellence

with Interactive, Collaborative Learning.

Bring your teams together to celebrate!!

HELM Life works with experts to bring their knowledge & research to the corporate setting - in a fun and engaging way!

Black History

Black Americans through History

Brush up on your knowledge of Robert Abbott and the Chicago Defender, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, Booker T. Washington and Dr. Mae Jemison, and dive deeper into the history of HBCUs, while solving puzzles and researching with your team!

BHM:Pop Culture

BHM: Pop Culture Edition

Ready to go?! You're off on a cross-country road trip with a car-full of friends. Will you hit up Altanta or Houston ? The early rap-scene in NYC? Williams-sister sports and fashion in LA? The history of Motown in Detroit? This Choose-your-own Road Trip is a carload of fun!

Gameshow-style Event

Movies, Music, Media!

This gameshow-style event runs for an hour and hosts up to 80 participants! A little bit of gameshow and a little bit of group chat, it brings your teams together socially to get to know each other and reminisce about their fave shows and music of the 80's, 90's and 2000's!

What's an Interactive Learning Event?

They're part research, part puzzle, part learning and part fun! In partnership with Turner Consulting Group in Canada and The Equity Equation in the United States, HELM Life is proud to be helping teams learn together.

Run a MicroLearning Word Search Challenge to Celebrate Black History Month's theme of African Americans and the Arts!!

Sometimes you're looking to get people together to celebrate. But sometimes you'd like to run something a little more low-key - where people can play and learn on their own - that's what MicroLearning Challenges are for!

Building Community Through Art

Building Community Through Art

Learn about the writers, poets and artists behind the ground-breaking Black World Magazine in this 10 minute word search challenge!

Preserving History and Memory

Preserving History and Memory

Dive into the stories of artists of all mediums from the Harlem Renaissance to today who are preserving history through art.

MicroLearning Series

3-Week MicroLearning Series

Run one series a week for 3 weeks to make this MicroLearning Challenge a month-long celebration. The 3-part series includes the third game - Art and the Celebration of Black Pride.

Invite Colleagues to an Infosession!

Bring a few colleagues or friends and drop into an infosession! They're a great way to play through a demo game, learn a bit about how our events work, and to ask some questions for 20-30 minutes.

Thinking about booking a speaker? We work with some amazing people!

We work with amazing speakers! Academics, historians, entrepreneurs and people with amazing personal journeys! Our emcee hosts the call for a 30-minute talk + a 15 minute Q&A that you won't forget!

Genesis Rivera

We are excited to welcome Genesis Rivera in a talk called Aligning Affinities and Allies for Success, which delves into the critical attributes needed to foster a workplace where diverse perspectives flourish.

See Speakers

Dr. Xach Williams

We are excited to welcome Dr. R. Xach Williams in a talk on the 2024 Black History Month theme of African Americans and the Arts from the Harlem Renaissance, to Swingin’ Jazz and the Black Community in the Pacific Northwest!

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Masika Mahabir

We are excited to welcome Masika Mahabir, with a talk entitled: Get ready to Bet on Black: A Story of True Inclusion, where where diversity, equity, and inclusion take center stage, beginning with the Black community.

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Here's why teams choose HELM Life programming:

We work with Amazing Hosts!
Although HELM Life can host up to 200 participants per event - all of the fun learning is done in breakout rooms of 6-8. Each group is hosted by one of our talented facilitators, to support teams in their learning and to make sure that everyone has a great time!
Easy to Organize
All HELM Life Learning Events fit within a 1-hour calendar block. They're led by our event emcees and are easy to plan, well-researched and fun to do - organizers simply need to get teams to their link, and we'll take over from there! We'll also set you up with: share images, a blurb to share, a calendar invite and a registration page to share with your teams!
Donation Included
All HELM Life Learning Events include a donation to an organization working to address the systemic inequalities we'll be learning about and working towards change supporting the community.


We're proud to have partnered with experts in the diversity, equity and inclusion space - leaders with over 20 years experience in bringing about the change that we need to see in the world.
Tana Turner, B.A. (Psych), B.A. (Soc), M.A. (Soc)
Turner Consulting Group

As Principal of the Turner Consulting Group Inc., Tana has been working towards change in the DEI space for over 30 years, having worked on the first major analysis of the diversity of the City of Toronto in the 1990's. She has worked with school boards, municipalities, police services and has also developed and delivered human rights and unconscious bias training. She is currently an Adjunct Professor at York University.
Sacha Thompson, CEO & Founder
The Equity Equation

Sacha Thompson has been a DEI leader for over 20 years, working in both non-profit and in tech. A former Amazonian in the diversity and inclusion space, Sacha helps executives and leaders have that important dialogue, that begins the work towards long-term changes to institutional cultures.

We're Great Hosts
$1500 for up to 40 participants + $25/person after that
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  • 1 hour events
  • With an emcee & a host for each group!
We’ve done virtual events before and this EASILY takes the cake. It was SUPER fun.
I want more!!!!!! I will spread the word about how awesome HELM is!!

-- Jessica

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